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Identify Your MARCO Equipment

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Pot Haulers

Questions to help identify the model of your Pot Hauler:


  • Measure the sheaves directly across the center. 15, 17 or 24 are common sizes.
  • How many mounting bolts (studs) are used on the sheaves?
  • Which fishery are you using the pot hauler for?
  • Are the sheaves made out of stainless steel, bronze, or cast iron?
  • Is your pot hauler driven by a gear reducer or is directly driven by the hydraulic motor?
  • Is the gear reducer mounted on the back of the block or is it a torque hub design, mounted inside the center of the sheaves?
  • Are there any numbers stamped onto the gear reducer housing?

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Identify your Marco equipment - Pot Haulers
Identify your Marco equipment - Pot Haulers