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MARCO / 3/24/15

We have a Facebook Page

Marco has a Facebook Page.

We have Marco techs traveling frequently in the field, keeping machinery running or gathering data, and they meet and greet a lot of folks and take a lot of pictures. Now we have a place to share this with you.

For example, David is back from Europe and has posted some interesting photos on our Facebook page. We have a new MARINIZED POWER GRIP CONTROL PANEL that we are proud of.

MARCO 11/17/15

New Product:


  • Same sheaves, motor and gear box as the KingHauler.
  • Easily mounts to a pedestal or the back of the wheelhouse.
  • Same strength and durability as the KingHauler.

MARCO 11/17/15

New Product:


  • Same sheaves, motor and gear box as the KingHauler.
  • Easily modifiable with option spray guard, extra horn, and optional flame spray on the motor and gearbox.

MARCO 9/14/15

New Product:
MARCO Priority Valve H1071

Hydraulic, Spring-Centered, Spool-Type Shuttle Valve

  • With pressure applied to either “M” port, spool shifts and directs that pressure to the “B” port.
  • Equal or no pressure to both “M” ports - spool remains centered and “B” part communicates with “T”port.

MARCO 8/25/15

New Product:

Corrosion Resistant Control Panel

  • Compact Design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction
  • Panel mounted pressure gauge
  • Pressure filter integrated inside the manifold

MARCO / 4/27/15

New Product:
Tycan® Link Chain

Made with 100% Dyneema®.

  • Strong as Steel Chain
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • So Light it Floats!


  • Skiff Bridles
  • Powerblock Safety Chain
  • Lashing Chain
  • Vanging Chain

MARCO / 3/18/15

The Comfish 2015 Booth is ready to pack up and ship.

A pop-up display and a couple of full size cut-outs make this a one-man job compared to moving in the heavy equipment.

We're just two weeks away now! Can't wait. See you there!

MARCO / 3/16/15

Custom Hydraulic Pump Drives

Marco designs and builds Custom Hydraulic Pump Drives to fit your unique applications.

Sometimes your engine has outboard equipment hanging in space that a standard pump drive will conflict with. We can design your drive to fit any situation you may have. This example shows a custom extended drive.

MARCO / 3/3/15

ASANO Blocks Now Available Through Marco

ASANO STAINLESS STEEL BLOCKS are now available through Marco.

These high quality stainless blocks are brand new to us, and we are looking forward to seeing how they perform in our fleet. They are stocked in Japan, and we can have them here in a couple of weeks. Just give us a call to place an order, or stop by our showroom to see them yourself.

MARCO / 2/20/15

ComFish Kodiak 2015

We'll be in Kodiak April 2-4 for ComFish

We've got some new products and services to let you know about.

Comfish 2015
April 2-4

MARCO / 1/23/15

Even NASA used Marco Powerblocks

NASA used Marco Powerblocks to aid in retrieving the Space Shuttle's solid rocket boosters.

Here's a link to a quick video clip showing our Powerblock in action.


MARCO / 1/8/15

Fishermen's News

Marco's Purse King Dual Sheave Deck Winch Line Haulers are in the January issue of the Fishermen's News.

Here's a link to the great article they wrote about the Purse King family.

The Fishermen's News


Deadliest Catch

Marco still makes great crab line haulers. Here's a clip from that TV show featuring our Kinghauler and Kingcoiler.

Marco Kinghauler and Kingcoiler

MARCO / 11/29/14

Pacific Marine Expo Recap

We all at MARCO were so happy to see all of you at Expo this year. It's a great place to see old friends and make new ones, and we appreciate that you stopped by our booth.

For those of you who could not make the show this year, we want to share with you our new products and let you know what we have been working on.

Our main focus was the three new Purse King Deck Winches. We now have 4 sizes of DUAL SHEAVE Purse line haulers, so there is something for just about any size vessel or fishery.

The other exciting thing this year was a presentation given by David O'Neill of Marco, demonstrating what we have learned through the last few years of data gathering and analysis. Three videos are available on our YouTube Channel, so if you missed it you can still see the presentation.

Salmon Seine Video

Sardine Seine Video

Squid Seine Video

Both Dick Boehm and David were video interviewed in our Marco booth, and we will link to those as soon as they are posted.

Read about our new PURSE KING DECK WINCHES.

David interviewed at PME 2014

One of the motion graphs used in the Marco presentation at PME 2014

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