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Pullmaster Winches

Pullmaster PL SERIES:
Equal Speed

High-performance, high-efficiency planetary winches offering equal speed in both directions. Ideal for hoisting and lowering applications.

  • Hydraulic gear motor
  • Spring-applied, pressure-released, automatic multi-disc brake
  • Over-running clutch enables free rotation in the hoisting direction without affecting the brake.
  • During lower operations, the over-running clutch locks causing the disc brakes to rotate between a series of divider discs. Dynamic braking is then achieved by modulation of the winch control valve handle. When the control is returned to neutral position, the brake applies automatically.
  • A counter-balance valve is not required for smooth and positive “Down” control.

Our most popular Pullmaster PL series winches are:

The PL2 (Click here for the brochure)
Model PL2 Boom Swinger
Weight: 85 lbs / Capacity: 2,205 lbs (1,000 kg)

Model PL2
Weight: 85 lbs / Capacity: 2,205 lbs (1,000 kg)

PL2-12-228-1 : Features or common uses here
PL2-18-228-4 : Features or common uses here

The PL5 (Click here for the brochure)
Model PL5 Boom Swinger
Weight: 147 lbs / Capacity: 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg)

Model PL5
Weight: 147 lbs / Capacity: 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg)

PL5-12-210-1 : Features or common uses here
- Automatic brake, counterclockwise hoisting, intravent - STANDARD
- Gear Motor - 33 cc displacement - STANDARD
- 7.38 inch drum diameter x 11.00 inch flange diameter x 6.56 inch length - STANDARD

PL5-18-210-5 : Features or common uses here

The PL8 (Click here for the brochure)
Model PL8
Weight: 363 lbs / Capacity: 7,000 lbs (3,175 kg)

PL8-3-30-1 : Features or common uses here

Marco is a Platinum Distributor of Pullmaster.

We sell a lot of Pullmasters, and we know our customers and their applications. Most of our customers are using these winches in a harsh, corrosive, marine environment. At Marco we can Marinize your Pullmaster to increase its life in these harsh conditions. Just ask us about how our marinizing can help you.

Pullmaster Line Capacities: Wire Rope vs Dyneema.

It is increasingly common to substitute modern synthetic ropes for the standard wire rope on these winches. Here is a chart showing the line capacities of all Pullmaster winches. You can see the optimum suggested wire rope diameter, and the length of wire rope you can get on each winch. But the chart also shows the line capacities for smaller diameters. Thinner diameter Dyneema and similar products on the market can have the same strength as wire rope of a much larger diameter.

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