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Purse Seine Deck Winches

PURSE KING PLH17 Bolt on Top Winch

The PLH17 Purse Winch features a unique dual sheave design which eliminates slippage when pursing.

The line wraps first around the inside sheave, then comes around the outer sheave for a second wrap which takes the slack and maintains traction on the line in the inside sheave.

The extra traction provided by the outer sheave allows the operator to stop and reverse the winch to pay out line under tension.

The dual sheave design also allows splices, knots and even links to pass through the sheaves safely without slippage.

The PLH17 is available with two motor options. Your performance will depend upon the hydraulic flow and pressures your boat can provide.

Marco PLH17 Dual Sheave Purse Seine Deck Winch
See the PLH17 in action here on Youtube.

PLH17 Operations Guide. (GO TO 3:54 for how to adjust the shims on the PLH17.)

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Marco PLH17 Dual Sheave Purse Seine Deck Winch
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