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How to Choose a Powerblock for your Vessel.

  1. What is the girth of your net? See Figure 2. You need a powerblock that will hold the compact net circumference deep enough in its throat to maintain traction.

  2. How big is your net? (Length, Depth, Materials)

  3. What fishery are you involved in? (Salmon, Squid, Herring, Sardine, etc.)
Block / Sheave Capacity of net (Circumference)
B19 25"
B26 30"
B28 with Split Sheave 35"
B29 with Spit Sheave 37"
B33 35"
B32 Split with no spacer 38"
B31E Split with a 3/4" Spacer 40.6"
B32 Split with a 2" Spacer 43.7"
B36 45 Degree 40.1"
B35 Split 48"

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How to choose a powerblock
Figure 1 - How the net should fit in the powerblock.

How to choose a powerblock
Figure 2 - How to measure the compact net circumferece.

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