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MARCO B29 Easy Open Powerblock

MARCO B29 Easy Open Powerblock

MARCO B29 Easy Open Powerblock

B29 Easy Open Powerblock


Now with a 2-speed motor option.

The MARCO B29 Powerblock has the same pulling capacity of the MARCO B28 with the hi-lift open sideshell design for quick haulback of partial sets.

The B29 is a proven performer with over 20 years of use in the Gulf States Menhaden fisheries. The MARCO B29 has now been reengineered for used in the Alaska and West Coast Seine fisheries.

Hydraulic Motors:
B29 Powerblocks are available with 6 sizes of motors including two sizes of 2 speed motors. Haul with high torque or dry up the net at high speed.
Choose a single speed or 2 speed motor. We can size the motor to your hydraulic system based on your requirements for speed or pull. All hydraulic motors are now marinized for longer service life.

The yoke mounted Powergrip helps keep the net square when hauling, increasing traction and control of the net in rough weather.
Powergrip tire assemblies have galvanized rims for long service life in a saltwater environment and are available in a number of different styles, heights and widths to customize the grip based on your net size and fishery.

Hydraulic Swivel:
Rotate your powerblock 360 degrees. The load bearing hydraulic swivel option allows the powerblock to easily haul port or starboard without binding the hydraulic hoses.

Bolt in Cleated Sheave:
4 different styles of cleats are available to customize your powerblock. Rubber, Aluminum, Low Profile Polyurethane, or High Profile Polyurethane.

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