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Cleat Options

MARCO offers a number of cleat styles for Powerblocks that use a bolt in cleat style sheave.

B26 Powerblocks have the option of Bolt in Rubber, Aluminum or low profile Polyurethane cleats.

B28, B29, B32 & B33 Powerblocks have the option of Bolt in Rubber, Aluminum, High profile Polyurethane, and Low profile Polyurethane cleats.

Bolt in Rubber cleats offer the most gripping action. Bolt in Aluminum cleats are hard wearing and durable for a long life. Bolt in Polyurethane combine the durability of the Aluminum with a bit more grip.

Cleats can be ordered in complete or partial sets per your requirements

B26, B28, B29 require 10 cleats per sheave. B32 & B33 models require 12 cleats per sheave.

For ordering assistance or parts and service please contact us at 206-285-3200 or email

7915 10th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108 USA
Telephone: (206) 285-3200 | Fax: (206) 282-8520

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